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Chapter 2

Visual Artist

I always had that thing of the photo, the photo… in my own videos, I always worked with a photographer who shot photos, to later have material for the making, because it was a single camera. I really liked what I saw in the photographs of the videos I made to my parents. So I got a camera, and I started looking to tell a story from a photo.

I started in the audiovisual for a need, as I began to make all the designs of my albums and stuff.

When you like something very much, it’s like when you see a child who wakes up and goes to bed with the soccer ball and wakes up and you see it there and there, and everyone fucking and he with the ball, and then he becomes a Ronaldo, and then you say “fuck, he has spent his whole life with that”, that’s what happens. And so it was about the videos. I don’t say they are great videos, but I like what I did. And I enjoy it a lot (…) and since I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission…