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Chapter 1

The Begining

The feeling of forming a band is the greatest thing a boy can have. The feeling is so strong… you start to understand the medium, to dream, to think about the designs, the ideas to do a concert…

As a child I was not sure if I wanted to be a musician; I was crazy about playing baseball. I was studying piano as I was studying any other subject. When you are a child you are not aware of these processes. I really had that certainty when I started composing; In those ENA cubicles where, instead of going home, you stayed at a piano until eight o’clock in the evening, composing. That’s when I became aware that I liked that.

My first musical memory is very clear: to be waiting for Colorama -the only television program of the eighties that put international music videos on all Cuban television- on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. to watch Michael’s new video Jackson. I expected it as if it were the biggest thing in the world. For me, waiting for Michael Jackson’s premieres was the biggest thing in the world. I imagine that as my parents saw me in that story, they thought: ‘Well, he will dedicate himself to that, with so much obsession he has with Michael’.