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Chapter 4

X Moré

In 2011, ten years later, it came out in Germany as if it had been released that same year and received a lot of praise – in Berlin! I realized that it is an atypical album, it doesn’t have time. The music I make doesn’t have time.

When you are out of Cuba you become nostalgic, thanks to that I paid attention and really realized [who] Benny was, and what he had done with Cuban music. I started researching his music and realized he was a music revolutionary.

I said to myself ‘I’m going to pay homage to this guy’ and boy, when I put a hip hop drum down on Oh, life, I said to myself, ‘this is it’, and I went around.

The idea was to relive a little all that great work of Benny through my eyes, but with the aim of saving it, it was not to transform it for the sake of transforming it.